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Dr Randall is passionate about her job and has had animals all her life. She is understanding, caring, compassionate and patient at all times.


"Before I became a vet, I was a pet owner, and I remember the dreaded day when my pets became old. You realise time is limited but the hardest decision for any pet owner is to love them enough to let them go."


"My aim is to keep each animal as free of pain as possible, and when the time comes, to put them to sleep with dignity in their own favourite place at home. The last thing you want to do is stress your pet by taking it in somewhere during its final hour of life. These are your last hours with your beloved pet, so you need to get it right!"


Following euthanasia - you have complete control.


Some owners prefer to bury their pets at home.


Alternatively, we can use the services of a pet crematorium, who can arrange for an individual cremation. Your pet is cremated on its own and the ashes are returned to you. Or you can have a communal creation - your pet is cremated with other animals and the ashes are not returned to you.


*Prices can be given on request.

24 hour mobile vet services
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